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Kathe Fraga BED 85865That Soft Summer Day When You First Said Hello
by Kathe Fraga

I live on an island in the Pacific Northwest. Winters can be brutal--grey, nonstop rain, wind. Sometimes the power goes out. For days.

But we love it. We love the romance of the wild wind soaring through the ancient boughs of the towering firs overhead, we love the fire sparkling and sputtering in the old beach stone fireplace keeping us warm, we love the beeswax candles and fragile oil lanterns that light this decades-old dark island? home-the Gazzam House, built in 1905.

There's a little garden "Le Potager" in the back of house that I call my own. Two raised beds, a pink birdcage hanging from an arbor and planted with strawberries, a faded old blue clawfoot tub we found in the woods, filled with daffy bulbs...it's this quiet peaceful garden that inspired my botanical paintings, including "That Soft Summer Day When You First Said Hello."

And while I treasure the isolation of this small island where I paint, I value the time every day that I can put down my brushes and "chat" about art, design, color, pattern, flowers with people from all over the world...on Twitter and Pinterest!

Fraga BED #85865

Kathe Fraga on Twitter

Through Twitter, I've met a wonderful group of designers, writers, artists, gardeners and more-and the conversations and the kind generosity of this group has been amazing. The ideas and opinions are endless.

And while Twitter is a great way to "talk," Pinterest is fantastic resource for sharing images-favorite flowers, favorite places, favorite colors. It's basically a collection of virtual "bulletin boards" organized by whatever topics you like.

Before I joined, I noticed people were sharing or "pinning" my paintings to their boards and it was such a delight!

Kathe Fraga on Pinterest

My own boards include my paintings along with favorite things that inspire my work: vintage kimonos, Paris, patterns and more...please visit me there and have a peek!

Grand Image offers several images by Kathe Fraga in the Budget Edition (BED) Line:

Fraga BED #83739, Fraga BED #83736, Fraga BED #83904


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