Wallpaper Art for Homes, Hospitals and Hotels
Posted by Inna / to Ideas / on February 22, 2011

Wallpaper is making a come back. According to Devan Walker, Grand Image National Sales Manager, we’re seeing more and more Healthcare and Hospitality designers starting to incorporate wallpaper and wall covering to give the space a unique and interestingambiance. In addition to unlimited possibilities for scale and design, wall covering has favorable characteristics that are particularly suitable for patient rooms, guest rooms, entryways, corridors, closed balconies, staircases and places with high traffic.

home wall paper

We know you’ve seen regular wallpaper with patterns or florals, but using Grand Image images on wallpaper, is that possible?

Yes! Printing technology now allows for custom wallpaper showcasing “artwork” - not just patterns or florals - but huge beautiful walls of artwork or photographs. First the technical part:

In response to our clients demand for enhanced health, safety and environmental features, we offer an option to print wall covering with water-based VOC free inks which won't compromise sensitive immune systems. Some of our products offer a heat detection system that allows for enhanced fire safety - this is a great selling point for homeowners, retirement homes and also hospitals clients. We also have anti-bacterial wall covering that is treated with a mildew and staph resistant additive providing the wallcovering with resistance to the growth of mildew and bacteria. Who doesn't want a product that is mildew resistant?

Now the practical part: Not only can you use it as wallpaper for large wall installation, you can also use smaller versions. For example, we can print a 30x30 image on wallcovering and you can stretch the wallcovering like a canvas. Because the wallcovering can be cleaned, you can hang it in a hospital as a painting. It's VOC free and anti-bacterial artwork. From any of our images in our POD and BED lines! Another application for the stretched wallcovering would be to treat the stretcher bars and hang it in a pool house or on a yacht where things can get damp.

wall covering art

Whether you choose bold prints, subtle patterns, fine art imagery or photography to print as wallpaper or wall covering, you have a new realm of possibilities. Homeowners and residential designersare using wallpaper in different parts of the home starting from the powder room to the main living area. It is also an excellent way to hide all sorts of unpleasant imperfections in the paint or plaster of the wall. To help inspire your designs, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite images from the Grand Image art collection that are particularly suitable to be printed as wallpaper or wall covering.



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