Feng Shui the Devan Way: Part 1
Posted by Devan / to Ideas / on April 13, 2011

My husband and I recently thinned out our collection of books. Sometimes I do indeed judge a book by its cover. I have a new pile of books to read quickly and then donate to charity. The first one I picked up was about Feng Shui. I fell asleep twice while trying to read it although that may have less to do with the book and more to do with me. Once I actually found the feng shui map, it became more interesting and I read a section to him about the destructive cycle of the elements. After that, he was hooked too. We sat down on Monday evening and started to design some feng shui changes to our home and our life.


The way I figure it, if a little feng shui brings me fortune and good chi in 2011...well, I'm game. After we studied the map and scribbled our changes and waved our arms widely (and argued about the peaceful meditation corner - isn't it ironic?) I realized I could feng shui with artwork. With the colors and the different elements represented in art and framing, you could have a beautiful and diverse art collection in your surroundings.

Before I divulge my very rudimentary Monday evening feng shui beginnings, please note, I am not a designer but I work with many of you. Many of the designers who read this will have many more educated and creative suggestions. I look forward to hearing them especially in the event I have blocked any chi. We need all the good chi we can get, right?

Our progress so far:

South is very important. (Put a red candle in the south corner of your office.) The direction you enter your home should be south and it should be a windy path. Not windy breezy as my husband thought but a winding path - it's to avoid the poison arrows. My husband thinks the poison arrows come from the looks I give him, but I digress.

On the south wall: Fame and Reputation- you want red colors, the fire element and the # 9. Dividing up Red Dawn 76338 into 9 squares individually printed on canvas with black wraps and installed like a series is on my wish list. If I show up on American Idol in the final four or something, you'll know it's the red wall working its magic.


In the southeast corner, my personal favorite: Wealth and Prosperity- purple colors and the # 4 (bonus chi points given for: plants and wind chimes and water features.) I hung 4 handmade purple origami stars. They make me feel better right now and I like them so I think that's good chi. We also moved the cat's drinking water fountain over there. I'm convinced we are good to go with the cat fountain. If you can't handle the purple origami stars or the cat dishes, I secretly covet the purple artwork in our POD collection. Our purples are the most amazing printed purple I've ever seen. If you want to know why we are one of the best printers of fine art prints in the world, this is the piece to see: Tantra III 79380


To the east: Health and Family- the color green, gardens, wood and the # 3. I have 3 green pots on the deck of tulips, pansies and lavender. Check. If I had an east wall for hanging art, I think I would choose this one in a birch frame. I've been looking at this piece a lot because I love the green against the tan in Dragon 83122


To the northeast: Knowledge and Wisdom- the meditation corner: books and meditation and turquoise. We're still in progress on this one as you all now know. Check out another one of my favorite images with its mesmerizing turquoise in Air 81384 It pulses. I love that!


Next up: The black wall of Death (ooohweeeeoooh), White metal, Travel and our Love and Marriage corner.Until then, may your good luck and chi spread like jam on bread.


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