Inspiration: Summer Flicks
Posted by Chelsea / to Trends, Artwork, Style / on June 8, 2016

Seattle has had it's first heatwave and we are already preparing for the next one with an indoor retreat (complete with ice cold refreshments and summer flicks). Checkout this list of some of our summer favorites, and set the scene with Grand Image artwork inspired by these cool movie color palettes curated by trending Twitter account @CinemaPalettes!

Moonrise Kingdom (2012), Wes Anderson


Kelly Neidig, White Hot (98326)
Maeve Harris, Ciudad 7 (91147)

Renee Staeck, Firebird (99619)

Moonrise Kingdom (2012), Wes Anderson (What it's just so good!!)

Natasha Marie, Curiosity Collectibles No. 3 (99665)
Natasha Marie, Curiosity Collectibles No. 2 (99664)
Natasha Marie, Cutiosity Collectibles No. 4 (99666)
Natasha Marie, Curiosity Collectibles No. 1 (99663)

Erin Lin, Arrows & Arrows (82527)

Big Fish (2003), Tim Burton


Sheryn Bullis, Orcas Song (99320)
Sheryn Bullis, Where the River Meets the Sea (99332)

Allison Svoboda, Sabina Hills IV (92652)

The Graduate (1967), Mike Nichols

Kyle Goderwis, Scribe 4 (92834)
Kyle Goderwis, Scribe 5 (92835)

Danna Harvey, A Season Relived B (77239)

Thelma & Louise (1991), Ridley Scott


Brenna Harvey, Watercolor 2 (92206)
Brenna Harvey, Watercolor 5 (92209)

Robert Hansen, The Road to Trona (91639)


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