Celestial Inspired Gallery Wall
Posted by Chelsea / to Ideas, Artwork, Interior Design / on April 20, 2016

Celestial art is in!

We've put together an eclectic celestial inspired gallery wall, complete with print sizes and framing details, so you can get your own EASY! Follow the links below if you wish to simply purchase the prints. If you would like to purchase the complete framed set, just copy, paste, and send to your rep or service@grandimage.com to recieve your quote today!

1: THE Studio, Polished in Juniper Berry, 89887
Print: 14 x 14" Paper
Frame: .75" R-10771000 Satin Black
Final Framed Demensions: 15 x 15"

2: Cynthia Pastars, Celestial Being, 89667
Print: 17 x 30" Paper
Frame: 1.25" U-N2110 Satin Black
Final Framed Demensions: 19 x 32"

3: THE Studio, Lunar Collage 1, 99803
Print: 44.5 x 44.5" Paper
Stretched Canvas: 1.5" R-32351308 Ardoise Slate
Final Framed Demensions: 47 x 47"

4: THE Studio, Abstract Moon Phase 99503
THE Studio, Abstract Moon Phases, 99498
Print: 13.5 x 15.5" Paper
Frame: .75" U-V1280 Brushed Silver
Final Framed Demensions: 14.5 x 16.5"

5: Katie Todaro, Pull the Moon, 98342
Print: 11 x 40" Paper
Frame: .75" R-10771000 Satin Black
Final Framed Demensions: 12 x 41"

6: PC Ngo, Rainy Day, 98958
Print: 22.5 x 16.5" Paper
Frame: 1.5" R-32351000 Satin Black
Final Framed Demensions: 25 x 19"

7: Heather Goodwind, Dawn, 91295
Print: 15 x 19" Paper
Frame: .75" R-10771000 Satin Black
Final Framed Demensions: 16 x 20"

Below we have included a guide to help hang your display. To start, we recommend hanging the largest center piece and working your way outward. To keep things simple, we've made the spacing between each piece a uniform 3 inches. Note, the large middle piece should be the highest and lowest point of the gallery wall. 


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