Artwork in a Bathroom
Posted by Inna / to Ideas / on March 24, 2011

For the last two and a half months, my husband and I have been renovating our master bathroom. Even though most of the actual work was done by a contractor, we took on the responsibility of figuring out the layout, selecting the theme, colors, and materials. Once the bathroom was finished I was looking forward to selecting artwork to give it a more distinct personality and style.

On average, people spend around 45 minutes each day in the bathroom. This is the place where we remain alone with ourselves, relax with a good long soak in a tub or even read a book or magazine to help us unwind and escape the mundane experiences of the daily grind.

One might think that bathroom is a less-than-ideal place to display your best artwork. And while hanging expensive artwork in a steamy bathroom is never a good idea, art can be a crucial part of the bathroom décor. It helps a purely functional space feel warm and inviting. The question is, what type and kind of artwork should you buy for your bathroom?

DF Photo artwork in the bathroom


My first choice are digital prints on paper or canvas as they have amazing color clarity and image reproduction, and are fairly inexpensive. Many people also prefer posters because they cost next to nothing. If you are trying to create a unique and specific look in your bathroom, with a bit more investment you can print artwork as a wall covering that can be treated with mildew and staph resistant additives and installed as wallpaper or stretched on bars like a painting.


Proper framing is key. Bathrooms are damp and steamy, and excess moisture can get into the frame and ruin the artwork if your picture isn’t sealed. A properly framed paper print under a plexi-glass is protected from condensation and is easy to clean. Canvas prints normally have a coating, and stretched on a frame they look as good as an original painting, and are more durable.

JoSon artwork in the bathroom



It is important to hang pictures out of direct sunlight as it fades the colors dramatically.


Choose Images that evoke relaxation, tranquility, cleanliness, health and beauty, and something that makes you (or your client) happy. Although it may seem obvious, whatever artwork is chosen it should match the bathroom theme, and serve to highlight and underline that theme.

Paul Edmondson artwork in the bathroom


Choose colors that accent or contrast attractively with surrounding colors while matching the theme. Usually, the artwork is there to accent the bathroom, not the other way around, but there are exceptions, of course.

Below are some of my favourite images from the Grand Image art collection that can be appropriate for a bathroom.



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