Time to celebrate our mothers
Posted by Elke / to News, Artwork / on May 9, 2014

Thank goodness for mothers. Is there anything more loving in our lives? My favorite Anthropology professor once noted that despite the vast spectrum of human behavior, in every single human culture, children love their mothers. And isn’t that just nice? (His words, not mine.) We here at Grand Image certainly feel the love, and to celebrate the creative soul in each of the moms on our team we’ve asked them to share their favorite pieces from our catalog.



Print and Production Manager

Mother, sister, daughter, wife, punk rocker

T.L. Lange’s “Eternity” is one of my favorites:

Lange: 70641 "Eternity"

I like his figure drawings, and this one I like in particular the seductive way that the subject is looking away from the viewer, about to turn and walk away. I also like his “Astronaut”:

Lange: 80420 "Astronaut"

His paintings are like a meditative or dream environment that has a visual narrative I identify with.  If I had had the chance to have bought the original, I would have liked to own this one.



Information Technologies Manager

Mother of one, wife to one, champion to us all

I like what comes out of our very own GI Artlab. It’s always clean, crisp, creative and with infinite variety. They’re always works in progress, whether for specific client projects or creating trends for the industry.


GI Artlab: 87993 "Iguana and Lace"                GI Artlab: 88728 "Aster Agate A"


GI Artlab: 88933 "Brooklyn Bridge Red"          GI Artlab: 88947 "Vintage San Francisco"


                                           GI Artlab: 87749 "F-8 Club Member"




National Account Manager

Mother, wife, celery eating downward dog doer, total glam girl

My favorite things have definitely changed since becoming a mother.  My luxuries used to be handbags, pedicures, martinis and hot-looking shoes. I’ve always loved modern, hard edged work.  I like John Baldessari’s Post-Structuralist work and at Grand Image I’ve always loved representing T.L. Lange and our Mid-Century Modern looks:


Lange: 70321 "Untitled"                                  Heller: 79798 "Buffalo"


                                Yoors: 79380 "Tantra III"


Now, my luxuries are sleep, going to see a movie sans child, sippy cups that actually work and shoes that look stylish and still function when I have to sprint after a toddler.  All of a sudden, I’m eating healthier, doing yoga and charitable work, showing her how to be a good, healthy person. There is a part of me that is so different now – more focused on kids and the miracle of life. Suddenly I love this series by Mark Fraley.  They’re works made by reconstructing childrens’ books.  The images capture the innocence and beauty and curiosity of youth and the relationships we have with our children.

Fraley: 87839 "Poems of People"

Fraley: 87840 "Calm #4 Camano Beach"

Fraley: 87927 "Calm #1 Matthews Beach"



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