Picture this: Art in demand around world is created in modest Georgetown warehouse
Posted by Joy / to News, Press/Media / on April 24, 2014

Below is a preview from the article about Larry Winn and Grand Image. You can read the entire article in the Puget Sound Business Journal.

When Larry was asked about our artist studio and if it was an art factory, he replied "THE Studio is a place where we create in a big way. All the time. When I started Grand Image, this type of thing didn’t exist. Little galleries would look down on me. It’s that esthete mentality that artists sell out and that quality is sacrificed. But was Bruce Springsteen any less good when he quit playing the little clubs and going to the masses? Did his work get worse when the world discovered him? Our belief is that business and art go hand-in-hand. I don’t like precious art sitting on its ass not doing anything, stored away.”


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