Super Bowl Fans and Art Lovers Unite!
Posted by Vanessa / to News / on February 10, 2011

Whether you are a season ticket holder or just barely able to understand the rules of the game, chances are you were watching the Super Bowl on Sunday, February 6th. In fact, the 2011 Super Bowl was the most watched TV program in US history, averaging 111 million viewers!

If you are one of the many Super Bowl fans who watches the game in part to see all of the great, high budget, and memorable commercials, you probably remember the Mercedes commercial that featured P. Diddy in his pajamas!

In the commercial, P Diddy awakes to find that his Mercedes has come to life and escaped from his garage to be reunited with all of the other Mercedes models spanning 125 years of the car manufacturer’s history. P. Diddy jumps out of bed in pursuit of his silver Mercedes, only to end up stranded in a cornfield amidst hundreds of Mercedes models. Poor Diddy!


But did you also happen to notice the diptych by Grand Image artist David Dauncey above P. Diddy’s bed when he was startled awake by his disappearing vehicle?



Of course, Diddy’s interior designers must have impeccable taste to create the lavish interiors for this superstar, and this pair of limited edition POD prints by David Dauncey perfectly complement the monochromatic scheme of Diddy’s bedroom. The abstract, circular pattern is even echoed in the platinum records mounted to the other wall!



David Dauncey, 76307 & 76308

While the Mercedes Super Bowl commercial probably was not filmed in Diddy’s actual mansion, this is a great example of how Grand Image artwork is applicable to so many different projects and environments. In this case, the set designer for this Mercedes commercial chose these two pieces by Dauncey to reinforce the Mercedes brand, along with P. Diddy’s image and aesthetic. Designers select Grand Image artwork to define and enhance the branding or personal style for many types of clients – whether it is Mercedes, Marriott, a corporate firm, hospital, or a residential client, our artists and collections offer art options for any project’s style and budget.

Larry Winn
May 10, 2011
  go Ralph!
Ralph Fowler
May 9, 2011
  I noticed it! They came from our gallery in Los Angeles.With Grand Image permission, we rent 100's of GI images to a wide variety of productions.

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