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Posted by Amy / to Capabilities / on March 10, 2011

I love the concept of creating a unique piece of art for a specific space. Where else would you find the Eiffel Tower but in Paris? Mount Rushmore is all-American, and the Leaning Tower of Pisa? You get the idea. One of my favorite custom options at Grand Image is our ability to create unique pieces of art by changing colors in existing images. Without the expense of creating a completely custom piece of art, clients can reference a pantone color, paint chip, or fabric swatch and create a completely individual piece of art that fits a particular space and mood using already existing imagery.

Take for example a hospitality project we contributed to last year. The designer specified two elegant POD pieces by Jane Guthridge to fit the airy, modern mood of a high-end hotel suite.

Guthridge Recoloring

The images are naturally black, white and gray and our client proposed ‘adding’ pink to mimic the colors in the room’s bedspreads and pillows.


The GI Art lab matched the color reference and the end result was a highly-stylized, coherent design for an upscale hotel room.


It seems more obvious to custom color graphically styled pieces of artwork but it also works well with traditional genres. Again, think mood. Below is an example of a print by Grand Image artist Kurt Meer. It’s a pretty and peaceful marsh scene and we adjusted the colors literally like the changes in the sun. The original piece on the left is a serene “day’s end” kind of feeling where you see the sunset, and the scene evokes the calming warmth of the evening. The customized image on the right was placed in a modern setting where the clients wanted to feel the calm of the geography but project the freshness of the dawn. Again, our art lab went to work, this time adjusting the colors of the marsh and the sky. The custom image is now more of a “first light” moment that reflects newness.


Here is a Gregory Garret print where we changed the original greens to blues because the client loved the style of the artwork but wanted it to work in a specific color scheme.


Of course, the ultimate customization of any artwork is to commission a piece of art made specifically for you or your space. But many budgets do not allow this liberty and custom coloring prints allows clients to get an art-directed piece that fits into their design and vision.


Suzanne Friedman
September 28, 2011
  limitless potential here.

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